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Knoxville Family Photographer: Noah’s 1st Year

“Feelings, we all have feelings
We like to give our love and get love back
It’s part of caring, you’re learning caring
When people grow and share and start to know
There’s more out there
Than just getting more and taking more
There’s giving more, the best part of living

Growing up, it’s something you can measure
Growing up, it happens every day
Being young is something you can treasure
But life is good when you’re growing up”

~Care Bears

My heart hurts a little. It hurts because it is full. This family. Sniff. They entrusted me to help tell their precious story. After years of heartache, they brought Noah into this world. Little Noah…their rainbow baby. Knowing just how much these photographs mean to this Mama, this Daddy, their family, and to future Noah, I am reminded why photography grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let go. The days after we lost my sister, we all were foraging through photos. Memories that may otherwise have been forgotten, or perhaps just stored in the recesses of the mind, got to come back to the light. Oh how sacred a simple photograph can be! Though I do not get to spend time with them nearly enough, I love this family. They will forever have a piece of my heart. This blog is a compilation of Noah’s first year of life. From womb to birthday party. Precious! I chose a few from each session for this blog, but stay tuned for one more blog of Noah’s full 12 month session we did at Big Ridge State Park!





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