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Well, I have officially made it through my first month of the 366 project! This has been so rewarding already. So far, I have successfully taken a picture everyday and will hopefully keep it up. Taking the pictures everyday hasn’t been the hard part. Choosing which picture to go with has been quite challenging at times! There have been several times that one picture just wouldn’t tell the whole story so a story board was needed. Looking back through this month, I feel like I have creatively captured our daily life in an honest way. The good and the bad. The happy and the sad. Being able to share that with others and then eventually share that with my children brings me great joy. I hope this joy spreads to all who get to see and be a part of this project. Here is a recap of our January.


A few weekends ago, my family went on a mini vacation trip to Chattanooga. We had so much fun, and my husband was so sweet to let me document this time while he tended to the kids. Starting the vacation at the Children’s Discovery Museum was a hit. That place is seriously so so cool! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of our next adventure…the hotel pool! Audrey is a fish. I cannot believe how brave she is when it comes to water. She is officially just wearing those arm floaties, all the while, jumping in and going under without holding her nose! This makes me so happy because I LOVE to swim. She will definitely start swimming lessons soon! After our night in the hotel, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium. Totally worth the money. I really had to push my camera to it’s limits in the low light setting, but overall, I am thrilled to have these memories set in “stone”. Hope you enjoy!


Honestly, I had not planned to officially start my business until 2016. I felt that I needed time to really grow and learn before starting a business journey. However, God and my clients had other plans. I am so thankful for each one of you for helping to spark this fire. Below is a collage of some of my favorite shots. Looking back through them, I can see how I have already grown and changed as a photographer. Technically, a photographer should have consistency when it comes to the look of their images. These photos are not consistent by any means. However, I fully embrace this learning process! Trying to find my look and who I want to be as an artist has been both thrilling and tough at times. The inspiration that I am gaining from other photographers, as well as, life itself brings an excitement to my soul for what lies ahead. I cannot wait to see what 2016 holds!


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A couple weekends ago, I had the privilege of shooting this gorgeous family. I have known Gina since we were kids, but it had been quite sometime since seeing her. I am thrilled that she chose to have her family photos taken at Big Ridge. There were so many good spots to play with. We had lots of fun, not to mention, they made my job easy. I like that.:)Gina, you said at the session, “We are grown ups, now.” Crazy, I know. Enjoy these photos because before you know it…they will be the grown ups.