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This month’s installment of my 15 on 15 is coming to you six days late. Soooo, we are going to make it a 21 on 21. Cool? Cool. This past month has been full. We celebrated Easter, celebrated Audrey turning 4, celebrated Sawyer pooping on the potty (ha!), celebrated Mother’s day, and celebrated Mamaw’s pool opening! Yeah! The warm weather coupled with longer days has been a real treat. This month’s video is entitled just that…”Warmer Days”. Hope you enjoy! (P.S. the end of the film is my favorite part.)


I was in much need of an update on my website. I have a link to a My Loves blog on my home page. Both my babies and my photography skills have grown since that post. I decided that I would update the link each year. I am about 5 months behind (wow 2017 is going fast), but better late than never, right? Let’s start with Audrey. She is a lover of all things animals, a lover of all things babies, and a force to be reckoned with. She is an outgoing princess who loves to dress up and hunt for worms. Ha! Sawyer is the absolute cutest little boy I have ever known. He is super loving and affectionate, but also has a bit of a temper. We are working through that together. He is quite agile and tends to jump off of things to get to where he needs to go. Like his Daddy, he loves his “bithycle”. Seeing my two littles in the role of siblings brings me so much joy even with the plethora of arguments. They really do love each other so much. Our little family is my life. Capturing that life is why I became a photographer. I am trying to purpose to do better about being present. I think a lot about quality time (especially on days like today when spending time with my family was thwarted by work). I hope to see growth in that area in 2017. It is hard to do life sometimes, but there is no one else I would rather do it with. So without further ado, below are some, well a lot, of my favorites images from 2016.

My Loves-3PIN


I am very excited to post this blog. I can’t believe I have the privilege of documenting such a special time for this family. Getting to this point for them has been filled with much heartache, but oh the joy they have now! In a few short weeks (or maybe sooner) they will get to meet their baby boy. I will get to be there and witness such a miracle. Please pinch me. I have chills just thinking about it right now as I type. Until then, please enjoy this beautiful gallery.


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When I became a professional photographer, many people asked me what I wanted to specialize in. Weddings? Newborns? Families? I was just starting out, so I didn’t really have an answer to that question. The more I shoot, the more I realize that my passion is with documentary photography. I still LOVE shooting most anything, but capturing real moments and real memories is THE BEST. What does that have to do with this session? Keyton and his mom decided to have his session at his home. I loved that. Was his whole session documentary in style, well no. Playing his guitar while leaned up against a rustic door on his garage is not something Keyton does on a regular basis, but he DOES play the guitar at his house. Kneeling in the middle of his yard while looking up to the camera smiling is not the highlight of his normal day, but practicing his golf swing IS. Ha! I just love that we were able to incorporate a bit of a documentary flare to an otherwise traditional senior session. It made my heart happy.:)Below are a few of my favorites from his session. Good luck to you, Keyton. I hope the coming years are full of much growth and vision for what lies ahead!



This past fall I had my first senior session. Alaina is a friend of mine that I met for the first time many years ago. I think Austin was just 7 or 8 years old at the time. As a parent, each season brings different joys, but it is still so bittersweet to see our babies not be babies anymore. Am I right? I have found senior sessions to be a bit challenging. Having a camera in your face is hard enough, but let’s increase the awkwardness when you are all alone in the frame. Ha! With all that said, Austin did so good. I really think I was able to capture his personality, and I hope he thinks so, too. We finished up Austin’s session at his home. I was able to bless Alaina with a few much needed family photos. Below are a few of my favorites from his session. To Austin, I wish you the best on your journey into adulthood.


If you follow my blogs or just see my posts, you probably have concluded that we like adventure. We love to go places and have fun. One of my goals with the kids is to hit as many parks as we can. I have joked with my husband that we should get a map and start pinning all the different parks we have been to. This month’s video is a documentary film of our time at Big Ridge State Park. We hiked a short trail, picnicked, and then, played on the playground. It was a great day. I thought about limiting my 15 photos to just our trip to Big Ridge, but I decided against it. The blog post will contain some from the day, but I had too many other favorite photos from this past month to leave them out. Enjoy! Oh, and I wish you all a wonderful Easter!