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These photos were taken at Adair Park in Fountain City. Pretty beautiful, huh? Life can get so busy. Sometimes we just keep trucking on trying to get everything done on our to do lists. Other times we are bombarded with terrible news that creates such heartache that it is hard to think about much else. Now that this session is finished, I can really look at these images. Really look at them. At first, I thought about how pretty the trees are at the park. About how beautiful the sun is as it peaks through the limbs. I thought about this family and how silly we were at the session. About how even though there were some empty stomachs ready for dinner by the end of the session, we still had lots of laughs. I see genuine smiles on their faces, which makes me feel like I have succeeded at my job. All of these things that I thought about made me really take a step back and think how incredibly blessed we are. To have such a beautiful park just minutes from our homes for our families to thoroughly enjoy is enough to make me teary eyed. As a matter of fact, this is only one of a multitude of local parks to choose from. Why have I not stopped to appreciate and think on this before? Busy lives, heartaches, life in general, the blindness of having everything at my fingertips? All of the above? My goal is not to make us saddened for those who are less fortunate so much so that we become frozen in our empathy, but rather to be grateful for the little things. Little things that in all honesty are really big things to someone else. The more grateful we are, the more strength we have to share with others. The moral of the story…don’t take life for granted, think on good things, see the needs of others and act on it, and appreciate the “big” little things. Thank you so much, Webb Family, for letting me capture a little joy for your family and a little humility for myself.


Another month down. I just cannot wrap my head around the fact that we are getting really close to the halfway mark. By this time next month, we will be there! May had several favorites. My sweet girl had her 3rd birthday this month. I say that to explain why my top picks consist mostly of her beautiful self. It was a real treat having many of them featured on a variety of Instagram hubs. You can see the rest of my project pics over there, as well. I love sharing my life (the good and not so good) with you all. I have appreciated everyone’s kind words and encouragement throughout this project. It really means so much to me. Thank you!


My loves and I enjoyed the evening at the park. It is not surprising that I took some photos, right? After putting the kids to bed I imported my images and got to work. My main goal was to choose a picture for my 365 project. Oh my word, it is impossible! How can I choose just one? Well, that is how this blog post was born. The amount of photos that I was trying to choose from just kept getting bigger. I still have to choose just one for my daily pic, but at least I still get to share the rest of them with you.


What a beautiful session this was! I am super excited to share it with everyone. The weather was just perfect. Kimberly decided to have their session at home. She wanted to document real life moments and connections but also wanted to have some of those beautiful grassy field photos, as well. You know the ones I am talking about. Well, lo and behold, she had the perfect spot just behind her house! So, not only did we get to capture her sweet girls reading, coloring, and playing, we also took advantage of the gorgeous light to capture those to die for family shots. Thanks again Poore family. It was a real treat!


This month was a challenging month. Having spent the previous 90+ days photographing our everyday, I felt compelled to get a bit creative. I didn’t want the same old, same old, if you get what I mean. I studied light and shadows a bit more and was able to capture some really lovely shots. Having one of this month’s photos featured on @dearphotographer was a real treat! Honestly, I could really blog every single photo, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few of my favorites. You can always check out all of my photos on instagram.