Wow! Can I just say that I am in awe of the birth process. Seriously, what an incredible miracle. This family of four became a family of five with the addition of a sweet boy named Isaac Boyd. I was so blessed to be part of his birth story. Before this, I had only ever witnessed the births of my own babies. We can all imagine how different that perspective is. It was so incredibly special to see this event from such a different viewpoint. I was quietly behind the scenes being one of her biggest cheerleaders. She was in utter anguish, but I was smiling because she was rockin’ it! Many people think that the last thing they would want is a photographer taking pictures and/or video during this time. I mean, I can totally understand that perspective. However, just wait until you see these photos and even more so when you watch the video. Oh my goodness! What an incredible treasure this family now has. I think after seeing them, you will completely understand how valuable capturing these moments can be. Memories fade. Some we would like to fade, but others…let’s hold on to them the best way we can. Now, go grab some tissues, turn up the volume, and sit back and enjoy Isaac Boyd’s birth story. Be sure to watch the film first. It is way more than a slide show. Enjoy!



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    Serving Knoxville, TN & Beyond