Powerful. Inspiring. Raw. These are a few of the words that come to mind when I think about the sacred experience I had just a few short days ago. On Friday of last week, I hopped into the car and traveled to Nashville with the hopes and dreams of gleaning from one of the most unique photographers I have ever seen. Her work speaks to my soul. It is real, emotive, and overflowing from the heart. Ten days ago, Joy Prouty was an inspiring photographer in my Instagram feed. Today, she is my mentor who has a piece of my heart. Not only does Joy have a piece of my heart, but each and every lady that joined me on this journey does, as well. I went into the weekend knowing that it was going to go beyond just technical photography learning. I knew that it would be soul stirring. Well, my soul wasn’t just stirred. It was flipped, pressed, torn, basked in love, and flipped again. Does that even make sense? This self portrait was taken for myself, for my God, and for my Wildflowers Workshop sisters. They will understand why I chose it. I wish I could explain it to you, but for now, just know that the Lord is good and he surely speaks to the heart.

For April’s ONE blog circle, I chose to share about a special experience I recently had. To hear from some other amazing photographers, please enjoy as you travel around the circle. Next up is the ever talented Amanda Myers with Crane Creek Photography.


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    Serving Knoxville, TN & Beyond