It is that time again to share ONE of my favorite images from this past month. At the beginning of April, we packed up the PUP (aka…pop-up camper) and headed down to Charleston, SC. My sweet man had to go down there for his job, and instead of leaving us behind at home, we got to tag along. We explored all sorts of places in Charleston and had an absolute blast. A week was not long enough to see all that historic town had to offer, so we will just have to plan to go back. Even though there were so many places to visit, one of my favorite days on our trip was the day we just hung out at the campground all day. This image was taken at the playground and truly represents how we feel about camping. It brings our family so much joy. We already have several camping excursions planned for this year. We even have remodeling the PUP in mind, too. That will be super fun! I will most definitely plan to share that adventure. What about you? Do you like to camp? Tent camp, PUP camp, RV camping? Please share! Now, check out my image and then head on around the loop to see what the rest of these talented ladies have to share!

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Next up in the loop is the ever so talented Halifax Newborn Photographer, Samantha Covert. Enjoy!

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    Serving Knoxville, TN & Beyond